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Coronavirus & Covid-19 Advice and Help
Link to CoronaVirus Advice from Gov.UK
Govenment Rules on coronavirus have changed! See the the Official Government Website for the latest rules and advice.
The Virus hasn't gone away though - and neither will have the SCAMS! Take care, keep your distance, wear a mask in public places - and stay aware for scammers! For Advice on avoiding Online/Phone/Text Coronavirus/Covid SCAMS, Click Here
General Coronavirus Advice
IMPORTANT: Covid-19 Vaccinations are FREE.
You will never be asked to pay or enter your Credit/Debit Card details to book one. If you are, then it IS a SCAM! Carefuly check the sending address of any email or message before clicking on it and check the official .gov ( website (above), before responding to an invite for a jab, or any texts/links etc. offering Benefits or Grants.
Despite the success of the vaccination programme and the latest removal of most rules, Covid 19 has NOT gone away. Please keep yourself, your loved ones and others SAFE. Keep up to date with and at a minimum, follow ALL Government and NHS Coronavirus/Covid-19 guidelines. Find out what rules and restrictions are in effect in your area on the official .Gov website here

Despite the reduced goverment requirements, too keep yourself and others safe, it is advised to continue to:
Wash your hands regularly, especially after touching anything from outside your own home.
Stay at home when you can, don't make unnecessary journeys or social contact.
Wear a face covering over your nose and mouth in shops, hospitals and other enclosed public spaces.
If you go outside, keep two metres or more away from other people wherever possible.

Please be sensible and respect other people's space; keep to one side of paths and give other people plenty of room. Don't walk side-by-side when passing other people, keep to one side and keep your distance.

You may not think that you are vulnerable, or that you have the virus, but you could be carrying it without knowing it. People you meet or pass too closely may be very vulnerable, or you might pick it up from them and then pass it on to someone in your own family, or friends, who are vulnerable. Please don't fall into the trap of thinking it isn't a threat to you or you family, please take care not to pass it on to others by your actions. It may be a lot lower threat now than it once was, but it can still KILL! Do you want to be a killer, or lose someone in your family, just because you got a bit too close to someone? Please take care, respect other people's personal space and keep your distance.

Please take Coronavirus/Covid-19 seriously and use your common sense. Although cases in the UK have now fallen, people are still suffering and dying from this virus in the UK and world-wide right now. The more and the further we keep apart, the more lives will be saved and the NHS will be more able to cope with those that are seriously ill (from Covid AND all of the other diseases and problems, which have NOT gone away), saving even more lives and cutting the length of time we have to suffer from the virus and any associated restrictions and the sooner we can get back to normal life - that is if life will ever be quite the same again!
Advice for Keeping Safe from CoronaVirus/Covid SCAMS!
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For more information, please see the Government (, using the links above and below), NHS ( and BBC ( websites for the latest news. If you search (Google, or otherwise) for information, please take care which website you are visiting, they could be scam sites - don't necessarily go for the first ones to come up and check the actual website address before clicking:

The problem of Covid Scams is less publicised than the virus itself, but it is also very important to be aware of, as you definitely do not want to lose even more money at a time like this, when money is likely to be tight for many people already!

When visiting official (or any) websites, make sure the name part is spelt correctly (BBC., etc); the domain part (, .com, etc.) is correct and that there are no extra letters or characters, apart from possibly just before the main address name and separated from it by a period (full stop, or dot), such as This is a sub-domain, because it comes before (or 'under') the main web address and it will be safe IF the main address (the name and domain part) is correct and safe!

There will always be scammers who will try to get one over on you in times like this. At the best of times, they are the scum of the earth, at times like this, it is barely believable, but these people couldn't care less who they hurt, so be VERY careful! Firstly, check out the general advice on the rest of our site, as all of this is still very much pertinent, if not more so now.

Specifically however, be VERY, VERY aware of scam websites and text messages that claim to be relating to Coronavirus or Covid 19 help, essential supplies, or claims that you can get a grant, tax refund or anything like that. Any and all of these are suspect, so DO NOT tap or click on the links to, or in them, or buy from these websites. Never click on links in messages or emails anyway (even if it is part of or a reply to/from a trusted contact which you have used before, as even these can be easily 'spoofed' (faked), see our article on 'Spoofing'). Instead, go direct to the relevant site from a bookmark/favourite you have used before, or a search, but only after you have checked and have satisfied yourself that the website and the offer or whatever they are promoting is genuine first. Always STOP and THINK 'could this be a scam' before you click, tap, or buy!

If you're not sure, or if you're not confident about using the internet, ask for help from a friend or relative who is more experienced in these things if possible. There are tools available to enable people to connect to your computer, laptop or mobile phone remotely to help (see Tools & Utilities), but ONLY allow someone you know and trust to do this - do NOT allow someone who has contacted you with an offer to help to do this if you have not known them for some time and DON'T trust them just because they tell you that they are calling from your bank, that they are the police, the council, your internet service provider, or something similar, this is almost certainly just a SCAM! (see Be Aware).

Instead, go DIRECT to the main site that you want, or the usual, safe and trusted websites that you have used before and look for help there, like

Do NOT click on links in text messages or emails, even if they come from your trusted contacts, (even when part of or a reply to/from a trusted contact), as phone numbers as well as email addresses can be 'spoofed' (made to look like they are coming from someone you trust, when they aren't!). The more urgent the message and the more desperate you are, or made to feel, the more likely it is to be a scam - DON'T be tricked into clicking on those links, see our article on 'Spoofing'. Take care and Keep Safe.
Link to CoronaVirus Advice from Gov.UK
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