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Security is not just a bit of a problem on the internet, it's THE big problem. But who can you trust to keep you safe? The big players in the Internet Security market might seem like the obvious choice, but they are not necessarily the best ones. Their software is often bloated and slow to use and can slow your PC/laptop down a lot too! A better bet is to use the less known but more efficient alternatives, like Vipre and SuperAntiSpyware. These are fast and focused internet security suites that keep you free from malware, while leaving your PC to perform as it should.

But, if you need professional help, if you're not confident with installing software yourself, are already infected, or have a very slow PC or Laptop, then why not give us a call. Either way, you need to sort it out quickly, before someone else helps themself to the contents of your PC - and most likely your Bank Account too.

Whatever you do, DON'T; 1. respond to a pop-up that tells you that your PC/Laptop is infected and to 'click here' to fix the problems (unless you're absolutely SURE it's from your installed Internet Security software), 2. Pay to download software to fix problems, or 3. Respond to anyone that phones you telling you that they're from Microsoft or some other reputable comapny and that they have seen that your PC is infected and they can fix this 'for a fee' - just hang up on them! These are ALL con tricks and will almost certainly infect your PC/Laptop as well as cost you a lot of money and trouble! NEVER respond to a phone call or pop-up, ONLY ever instigate your own fix (phone a trusted company that has not contacted you, using a published number [NOT one you have been given!], or go to a website that you already trust [via an existing bookmark, or found from a browser search result]). Remember, decent companies do not call touting for business!

So, where do we come in?

Well, we can sort out your PC or Laptop and make it as safe as houses - and make it run a lot faster too! If we have an agent local to you, you can book us to come around to check out your PC, remove any Viruses, Spyware and Trojans etc., install the Security Software you need and show you what you need to do to stay safe. We'll optimise your machine to make it run faster and leave you with a copy of our 'Keep Safe on the Web' and 'Tasks' leaflets to help you keep on top of things yourself - and you get all of this for just £40 for up to three hours work in your home (this work usually takes 2 1/2 - 3 hours). If you don't live in one of our areas, or are experienced enough to do it yourself, you can access our list of Free Utilities & Security Software list, which tells you what software you need and where you can download it for free to keep you safe while surfing and emailing, though you'll be missing out on our fine tuning experience!

How are we different from any other computer service companies? Well, we do not repair computers (though we will fix any software problems we come across while checking your PC if we can). Nor do we charge you a fortune for a simple repair - or for something that doesn't need doing! We charge a simple fixed fee for a specified amount of work and specialise in web safety and performance. To do this, we install and recommend quality FREE software in most cases, though we also offer top-quality paid-for security software if this is required. The important point is - YOu are in charge; YOU call us if you decide to, we do NOT cold call, or ask you to download a software fix for a problem we have created, which is what these pop-up and telephone scams do!

To find out more about our service, just go to our About Us page.

Get your PC or Laptop Security and Performance checked, optimised and set-up in your own home, from just £40 (currently, UK only)

Go to, or email now at Sales & Enquiries to arrange a visit in your area. Please include a contact phone no. (standard landline only) and we will call you back.